Our Advantages

Building Automation Systems & HVAC Energy Retrofit Services Expertise

Mesa Energy (dba EMCOR Services Mesa Energy) provides many advantages as a leading provider of building automation systems (BAS) design and installation, commercial HVAC maintenance, retrofit and energy solutions throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada. 

The following are some of the advantages that Mesa provides:

  • Facilities and Building Automation Systems (BAS) Services Technicians use real-time handheld device to communicate between field and office, optimizing customer service.
  • Forward thinking company constantly strives to stay ahead of competition to keep customers' equipment running optimally and maximize energy efficiency and financial impact.
  • 10 offices and growing throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada
  • Not an equipment manufacturer - unbiased in recommending equipment for upgrades and commercial HVAC energy retrofits, saving, and reduction. Recommendations are specific to each respective project's parameters, considering client's needs, local applicable codes, long-term viability, economic impact, and environmental impact.
  • Support and backing from parent company, EMCOR Group, Inc., a Fortune 500 company.