Ron-Hickey.jpgRon Hickey

Executive Vice President
EMCOR Services Mesa Energy Systems


Value Delivered

Ron ensures that EMCOR Services Mesa Energy Systems’ clients receive the innovative, responsive customer service and consistently high-quality project delivery they expect. He oversees all operations in Mesa’s Southern California market, including retrofit, construction, service, automation, and sales. Ron is involved in virtually every aspect of Mesa’s day-to-day operations and takes part in developing the overall growth strategy for the company. He aids in improving service delivery through infrastructure changes and technology implementation, participates in new business development activities, and generates value-oriented relationships. Ron’s passion for continuous improvement and enhanced performance match the expert professional care that is needed to meet today's most challenging facilities issues.


Ron has over four decades of experience in the mechanical services and construction industry, beginning his career in the HVAC business in 1980 as a sheet metal apprentice. He progressed to complete a four year apprenticeship program and an additional two years of HVAC courses at a local community college. For the next thirteen years, Ron would be employed by two well-known HVAC construction companies, holding positions with increased responsibility, including a journeyman, detailer, foreman, general foreman, and project manager. In 1993, Ron started and was self-employed with Direct Air Conditioning, Inc. which provided HVAC service and retrofit. After a successful twelve year stretch, he switched gears and joined the Mesa team in 2005 as the director of retrofit. Within four years, he became and is currently serving as Irvine’s general manager and vice president of retrofit & construction.

Dedicated to his profession, Ron has been an Inland Refrigeration Health and Welfare Board trustee since 2000.

The Personal Side

Ron has been married to his wife Rhonda for 25 years and they have two children together, a son and a daughter. In his spare time, he enjoys golfing, boating, hunting, fishing, and motorcycle riding.